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TDLAS System Application Solution

- TDLAS System Application Solution -

Healthy Photon provide high sensitivity gas detection scheme based on TDLAS technology. A lot of material due to its molecular internal vibration, on the infrared spectrum absorption, and the absorption applies only to specific infrared wavelengths.At the sametime, according to the law of Lambert-Beer, the amount of spectrum is absorbed with the concentration of this kind of material has a strong correlation, this is the principle of detecting gas molecules with TDLAS technology concentration. According to different detecting requirements, Healthy Photon from system design, product design, prototype molding, product testing, etc, to provide research and development outsourcing, technical support services. On the basis of technical solutions, Healthy Photon has developed a series of TDLAS system components, meet all kinds of technical requirementsof users.The combination of software and hardware,and Healthy Photon can help users,according to various application requirements, to quickly build up the prototype meets the requirements of TDLAS system.

Detective Gas
Gas Sensitivity Gas Sensitivity
CH4 5 ppb O2 100 ppb
NO 1 ppb H2O 1 ppb
NO2 1 ppb CO2 2 ppb
CO 1 ppb NH3 5 ppb
13C/12C <1 ‰ 15N/14N <1 ‰

TDLAS VS Traditional Electrochemical Technology
Principle of Measurement Electrochemistry NIR TDLAS (l=0.7-2.5um) MIR TDLAS (l=2.5-12um)
Consumable Sensor Chip None None
Cross Interference Various Molecule Less Least
Sensitivity > ppm < ppm < ppb
Response Time > 10sec ~1sec < 0.1sec
Reliability Low Middle High
Maintenance Cost High Low Middle
Isotope Analysis None Low High

Industrial combustion oxygen content (O2) online monitoring
In order to precisely control the input fuel / oxygen ratio and to achieve complete combustion, explosion safety, pollution prevention and control, as well as to improve steel quality and other goals, industrial combustion processes need real time monitoring of the boiler process′ gas oxygen content. Compared to the conventional zirconia sensor technology, Healthy Photon′s TDLAS boiler residual oxygen monitoring program shows a series of advantages such as higher sensitivity, resistance to water vapor interference and dust pollution, no need of additional supplies and no maintenance effort.
Monitoring of trace gas carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), water vapor (H2O)
To ensure the quality of energy products during production and transport processes, the impurity components of natural gas such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other acidic gases and water molecules must be effectively removed to avoid corrosion damage to pipelines and containers. Healthy Photon′s TDLAS system solutions share one optical path while monitoring multicomponent gas, which is especially useful for quality control of multicomponent gas impurities.

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