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    Founded in 2014, Healthy Photon is a limited liability company committed to developing trace gas sensors for bio-medical and environmental applications based on the state of the art infrared spectroscopic technology. Healthy Photon conducts highly qualified product research, development, manufacture, distribution and customer services based in China. Our products provide non-invasive (non-intrusive), reliable and accurate measurement of trace gas both in-situ and in real time. We will cater to high-end users such as hospitals, environmental agencies, universities and research institutes in global market.


    The team of Healthy Photon includes experts in laser spectroscopy, electronic engineering, software development, clinical engineering, as well as sales and marketing. The founders are enthusiastic and professional PhDs from the top universities in the United States. Our Research Center locates at the heart of the Yangtze River Delta -- Shanghai. This location allows Healthy Photon to tap the expertise and talents in the high technology and finance center of China. Our facility includes equipment to assemble and test laser diodes and trace gas sensor products. A complete engineering and support team is available in-house to work with customers and provide continuous product improvements and developments.


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Laser Technology Benefit The World


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To be one of the world leading laser technology companies, persistently promoting laser technology industrialized applications, and benefiting the world.


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