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HHL packaged QCLs (4-12um)

    Recently years, the commercialization of QCL(Quantum Cascade Laser) has achieved rapid development. As a new mid-infrared laser, QCL has important and irreplaceable usages including high precision trace gas sensoring, free space optical communication and directional infrared inference etc. Healthy Photon cooperates with the international leading QCL chip manufacturers, provides customers with more economic HHL Packaged mid-infrared QCL laser solutions.


Healthy Photon can provide HHL packaged QCL laser with wavelength range from 4 μm to 12μm. The laser can be Fabry-Perot multiple longitudinal mode output type or Distributed Feedback(DFB)single longitudinal mode output type. Output spectral FTIR test data and LIV curves are provided with the products, we can also provide output collimating accessories compatible with HHL package completely, QCL current driver and temperature control module.  



  Features                        Applications


√  low cost and ultra-small size module

√  wavelength: 4-12μm

  (customized version available)

√   ultra-narrow single mode line width(< 1MHz)

√   Divergence or collimation light output(optional)

√   current supply and TEC driver(optional)

  √   high precision trace gas sensoring

 √   molecules spectrum analysis

 √   free space optical communication

 √   biological and chemical warfare agent detection

 √   directional infrared inference







 General ratings (T=25)




Output optical power




 Operating current




Operating voltage




 DFB SMSR (side mode suppression ratio)




Slow axis divergence angle(FWHM)




 Fast axis divergence angle(FWHM)




 PIN Number







 Not connected


 Laser Anode


 Thermistor 10k


 Thermistor 10k


 Laser Cathode


 Not connected


 Not connected




                      Package Dimensions 





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