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Trace NOx Isotope Gas Spectrometer


Recent years, more and more scientific researches prove that NO molecules have great meanings in air pollution, natural nitrogen cycle, geophysical and other research fields. Meanwhile, NO, as a super-star molecule in the healthy field, it also has great values in CCVd, neuroimmunology, respiratory regulation and other medical research fields.

On the basis of introducing Princeton newest laser spectrum technology patent, Healthy Photon independently developed units and methods to analyze gas nitrogen oxides and the concentration of liquid Nitroso Nitro samples. The analysis is real-time, rapid, and it has high sensitivity and no specific requirements for gas flow rate and volume. Compared to the common chemical fluorescence method and electrochemical analysis method, spectral analysis technologies have special ability to analyze the isotope, it can be widely used in environment monitor, address study, biochemical diagnosis, healthy care and other NOx and its isotope quantitative analysis field.



 High sensitivity, rapid response to NO and its stable isotope

 CW detection in real time, generate dynamic concentration curves

 High repeatability measure results, eliminate H2O, CO2 and other interfering molecules

 No reactant and other materials, no second pollution

 long life cycle, good reliability

 One key operation, low maintenance cost


Measurable molecules

14NO, 15NO, 14NO2, 15NO2 (module corresponds to specific molecules)


0 - 10000 ppb (large dynamic range, no need to adjust)

Zero noise

0.5 ppb/Hz1/2

Minimum sensitivity

1.0 ppb  (1 sec. Average time)

Zero drift

Can be ignored. (24 hrs measured value)

Span drift

±1% full scale (24 hrs measured value)

Response time

Min 0.1 sec.

Linearity degree

±1% full scale

Gas flow rate

10-1000 mL/min (typical 100 mL/min)

Power requirements

110 VAC or 220 VAC @ 150 W


~ 40 x 30 x 30 cm3, ~ 10 kg

Communication interface


Operation temperature

0  50 °C


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